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Broder vs Crack Clan: The Chaplain Perspective
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by Chaplain on February 28, 2013 at 3:21 AM EST
“A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.”

Chaplain — If I was at all familiar with baseball or American football I’m almost certain that I would be able to reel a dizzying tyrade of names that satisfy the base requirements of being underdogs; maybe the Mets, the Jets or the Yankees or something. Fortunately I’m British, and therefore blissfully unaware of any allure that HandEgg or some weird-ass form of rounders could ever hope to instill in me, but I still get the concept of the underdog and I love it. Crack Clan have been the underdogs as far as they can remember, suffering from a blurry drunken deluge of negative punditry in every event they entered and thriving because of it, establishing themselves as the number 2 team in Europe. On the other hand, Broder have without a doubt been the most overrated team this side of the Atlantic, receiving a series of sloppy forlorn kisses from TF2 commentators who should know better and lustful glances from weak-kneed fanboys; did people REALLY think they could hold a candle to Epsilon? did the public REALLY think they could win a season on their first try?

The word on the street is that due to the hype rollercoaster they’ve been whisked through, Broder have the most to prove against Crack Clan, but I have a firm belief in the contrary; Broder have nothing to prove.

Season 14 Broder vs Crack Clan Overview

Medic Mirelin VS Admirable

An interesting clash between 2 very different medics. Mirelin is without a doubt the most soldier-centric medic in TF2, placing his pocket on a pedestal and letting Ryb fend for scraps from his table. Admirable will be sharing the heals out a lot more, but I’ll be surprised if T-mac is happy with the heals he’s getting.

Demoman ryb VS Brego

Ryb is the TF2 equivalent of liquid mercury, and I for one have absolutely no idea what he’ll pull out of the bag. Brego is a lot more predictable, and after his allotted dinner-time segment he will sit down and perform.

Roaming Soldier Tek VS T-mac

T-mac & Ipz haven’t been playing together for long so it’s a lot harder to predict how they will play. Tek will almost certainly reprise his role as the Janitor, cleaning up the kills that Zebbosai thought too lowly to take.

Pocket Soldier Zebbosai VS Ipz

Zebbosai is treated as a prince in Broder, recieving 60% of the heals and doing an inordinate amount of the damage in comparison to the downtrodden angry pauper Ipz, who only recently switched to pocket so he could see Admirable on the map.

Scouts Cookye & Bybben VS TviQ & smzi

Cookye & Bybben are an amazing partnership, but I would love nothing more than TviQ to gobble them whole; we will see.


Broder have been poster boys for the European scenes for as long as I can remember, only re-emerging as a contemporary world power recently. They used to be ‘Torden’s Boys”, enjoying a long period of success in the old Division 1 and gaining the support of the community and the ire of their peers. They eventually disbanded due to personal reasons but were never forgotten, establishing themselves as one of the three greatest teams in EU history (next to Diggy and 4kings obvs)


Previous Teams — Fakkelbrigade

Accolades — AFS Medic of the season

Mirelin has gained notoriety for his dodging ability and his chipper attitude, often being the talk of bulletin boards with his amusing Darn fabrications and hilarious reveries. He has been part of the system for a long time and will remain that way as long as somebody wants him


Previous Teams — Dignitas, 4kings

Accolades — Season 3 Demoman of the season

Ryb is another oldschool player, gaining fame for his titular rights in the ‘Rybben’ partnership and staying that way. Ryb has been out of the game for a while and has managed to leap back in at a moments notice, using the new broder team as a springboard for his success.


Previous Teams — Punchline, Team France

Accolades — Pledge’s favourite roamer

Tek is a newcomer and has been rated by some as the best ‘non-Mike roamer in the premiership’ and is eager to prove that he is to whoever will listen.


Previous Teams — BFF

Accolades — S12 Soldier of the season, Most underrated player

Zebbosai is a heal sponge prince extraordinaire, and although he isn’t very good at DOTA, he’s the best aggressive pocket in the premiership.


Previous Teams — Infused, BFF

Accolades — Scout of the season S12, Sniper of the season AFS

Cookye has been infamous for having a circular head a long time before he was rated as the 2nd best scout in the game, but he has progressed in more way than one and is a force to be reckoned with.


Previous Teams — Dignitas, BFF

Accolades — 3x Scout of the season, 2x player of the season.

Crack Clan

Crack Clan are without a doubt the team of the people, laying down foundations for excellent resources (CC TF2 Hub and a Battle Report system) and scoring themselves the all important Season 13 Community Award. They have become somewhat infamous for their ability to slide into the role of the underdog, often getting off to a shaky start just to triumph and exceed expectations through pure effort. Crack Clan have utilised a wide range of different tactics and strategies in the past, ranging from the use of a dedicated pocket scout in order to free up their soldiers and allow TviQ to do the hero plays he’s known best for to more conventional 2 scout pushes and rushes.


Accolades — ETF2L Caster of the Season, selftitled King of TF2

Previous Teams — Coolclan, Yoyotech, WemadeFux

Anyone who has tuned into a major TF2 event in the last 5 years has probably experienced the dulcet tones of Irish wordsmith Admirable, exercising his considerable knowledge of the game in a way the youth of today can understand. Although he is a valued pundit and mercurial caster, he still prefers to get his hands dirty and play at the very highest level, manning the healbeams and ubercharges for the Crack Clan side.


Accolades — Bremen Tent Race Champion

Previous Teams — Trick17, 6IU, Avenue

Brego’s transfer to CC seemed all too logical; he was the perfect nationality with the perfect mindset at the perfect skill level. The only problem is that he already had a team. It took a master persuader in a better team to coax him out, and although the future is bright, he can’t forget about the team he crushed that day.


Accolades — Iron Chef contestant

Previous Teams — Qn, 6IU, Decerto

Ipz is equal parts calculating and keen, a soldier that was not born into greatness but instead bought his elevated position with blood and sweat. The definition of tryhard.


Accolades — Crufts 2009 best in show

Previous Teams — Pyro-Gen

New boy T-mac has only recently been inducted into the CC fold and its hard to say how he’s doing there. T-mac has always been famous for his MGE prowess and perseverance, so something tells me he’ll do just fine.


Accolades — Debut of the Season, 2x Sniper of the season

Previous Teams — Yoyotech

CC’s media diva TviQ is one of the best snipers Europe has to offer and he’s been famous for a considerable amount of time due to hacking allegations from even the most pure-hearted of Anti-Cheat admins. I think it’s fairly safe to say he’s clean, but you never know when he might start.


Accolades — 15m swimming badge

Previous Teams — Decerto, 6IU

Smzi has been through a meteoric rise to fame recently, having being jolted through a white knuckle ride of consistently excellent performances against players with several times more experience than him, often besting them at a game they claim to have perfected. He was a vital catalyst in accelerating his team into the ETF2L Season 13 final, establishing himself as one of the most prem-eminent up-and-coming scouts in Europe.

Now for some predictions:

Lynchpin — Smzi

Smzi was unbelievably unfortunate last game, running into the blazing guns of Epsilon’s sterling scout combination.How he behaves around TviQ and functions on mid will change the pace of the game

Man to Watch — TviQ

I’m really looking forward to seeing how TviQ progresses and mans up against one of the strongest scout partnerships the premiership has ever seen, or if he just wimps out and goes sniper.

Clash to Catch — Brego vs Ryb

I can’t wait to see who will do what on mid first. Ryb is very unlike Numlocked in that he arrives quickly and it will be interesting to see how Brego copes.

Most likely to Choke –- Admirable

James, sleep on your side or something.

If this game is good, then I will try and write an analysis article similar to the ones I have produced in the past.

Teamfortress.TV will be casting this game on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 15:15 EST (21:15 CET)

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Amazing article. Make morez pliz
Amazing article. Make morez pliz
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smzi, the "ggglygy" of europe
smzi, the "ggglygy" of europe
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#4 3 4 2 Frags
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very nais
very nais
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Chaplain, you raise the bar!

PS: Tea and crumpets will be served in the cc// rec. room for all.
Chaplain, you raise the bar!

PS: Tea and crumpets will be served in the cc// rec. room for all.
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smzi, the "ggglygy" of europe

[quote=atmo]smzi, the "ggglygy" of europe[/quote]

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smzi, the "ggglygy" of europe


"the other scout"
[quote=Hovis][quote=atmo]smzi, the "ggglygy" of europe[/quote]


"the other scout"
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aiming for another 0% heal game
aiming for another 0% heal game
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get lynchpinned
get lynchpinned
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I think this match is worthy of a Chaplain analysis.
I think this match is worthy of a Chaplain analysis.
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