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ETF2L Prem: Crack Clan vs Quarantine
  Tuesday, March 5, 2013
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It's the final week of ETF2L Premiership and TFTV will bring you the exciting conclusion to Season 14 this week! This is one of two matches that can change the rankings at this point, and it's one last chance for Crack Clan to show that they deserve the second seed, and for Quarantine to show they're more than a relegation team! Both teams will meet up on the classic duo of cp_badlands and cp_granary for their maps. Join the fun with Greg and Zebbosai as your casters and lexs on camera.
STATUS Completed
ETA – 655 days
LINKS Match page   ⋅   Crack Clan   ⋅   Quarantine
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go qn!

go qn!
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Need some demos to watch zebbo

Need some demos to watch zebbo
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Will be tough game...

Will be tough game...
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