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ETF2L Prem: broder vs. SOLAR
  Wednesday, May 8, 2013
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Not content with just our Tuesday season opener, this week will see some Wednesday action as well, as day two of ETF2L Season 15's Premiership kicks into gear. The runners-up of last season, broder, will be coming back with the same six man squad as last time, going up against the division one winners, SOLAR. They may not be the most well known names, with players like vani, qnx, cor, Lalli, maidu, and hycz, but they will hope to make their mark in a big way with their Premiership debut against cookye and Zebbosai. Returning from last season to do camera duties for TF.TV will be huhy, with the cast brought to you by ilike2spin and WARHURYEAH!
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go broder!
go broder!
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